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  • Bottle trees Kurrajong x 1 Brachychiton populneus Very hardy native plants Garden Farm Bush tucker tree Succulent Flowering Bird attracting

Bottle trees Kurrajong x 1 Brachychiton populneus Very hardy native plants Garden Farm Bush tucker tree Succulent Flowering Bird attracting

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Very Hardy Bottle trees Kurrajong x 1 Plant. Beautiful flowering Native tres. Brachychiton populneus Bush Tucker

 Not for Western Australia, Tasmania & Northern Territory  

The plants you will receive in this listing will be 10 to 15cm tall.
They will come individual in 40 by 80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

1 Plant of
Kurrajong Bottle Trees
Brachychiton populneum
Brachychiton populneus
Lace bark Kurrajong Bottle tree    

A great Australian native tree that is extremely hardy, versatile and attractive.

It has beautiful flowers, seed pods, bark and leaves

Tough as a mallee bull

They are a medium sized variety of tree that will usually grow to approximately 12 metres in height when mature  

This Kurrajong has beautiful  bell shaped orchid like flowers that are approximately 15mm across, are white to pink with pink dots, are formed in cluster 

This variety has the ability to store water and nutrients in it roots and trunk which enables it to survive in areas too dry for many other varieties.

Though classed as a bottletree, they do not get as bulging  around the trunk as some of the other bottle tree varieties

BushTucker Plants
The Kurrajong seeds are edible and can be ground to make flower or a coffee replacement.
The taproot is also edible.
Please do your own research before eating bush tucker.

Frost tolerant to minus 6

A very hardy plant that will look after themselves once established.

Will tolerate low rainfall once established As little as 300mm per annum

Often used councils and parks due to its hardiness .

Classed as a succulent due to its ability to store water in its trunk and roots.

The leaves are 10 to 15cm long and are quite diverse in their shape, ranging from the oval to having 3 to 9 fingers.

New leaves are tinged pink and then darken as they mature.

Provides great shade in summer

Highly adaptable:

Will grow in a wide range of soil from sandy to clay.

Great borders, native gardens, driveways, or containers/pots, bonsai, edging, farms etc.  

Its has the large masses of  flowers that are seen in clusters as per the pictures around this listing.

The flowers of this native attract birds, butterflies and nectar eaters to your garden.

Semi cascading foliage

They can grow in full sun to semi shade.

You can plant them under tall gums as long as it is not a deep shaded position.  

They will also grow in quite windy and coastal areas

They will grow in most soil types and are a native bird magnet.

Work well in scattered plantings within native settings or as borders, rows, driveways, hedges, farms and in large pots  

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 Not for Western Australia, Tasmania & Northern Territory  

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