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  • Chilean Myrtle Temu Plants x 1 Fast Hedging Beautiful Bark Garden Screening Myrtus Luma apiculata eugenia Screen Hedge

Chilean Myrtle Temu Plants x 1 Fast Hedging Beautiful Bark Garden Screening Myrtus Luma apiculata eugenia Screen Hedge

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You will receive 1 plants of Bushy Evergreen Luma apiculata Chilean Myrtle Shrubs/Small trees. Ornate bark Great hedges/screening White flowering Chile

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Western Australia, Tasmania or Northern Territory


Chilean Myrtle
Myrtus luma or Eugenia apiculata or by its common name Temu.

Part of the myrtacea family. 

Chile Myrtle Luma apiculata


The plants you will receive will be 10 to 20cm tall. They will come in individual 50mm by 70mm pots. They will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Whether you want to use them as a hedge of you want the ornamental effects of its wonderful multi toned smooth bark with its pink, copper and beige tones makes, this evergreen variety is a great addition to your garden.


Star shaped white flowers.


Spicy Aromatic leaves

There are claims that its berries are edible as well as having medicinal uses. Please confirm this before eating as I have not done so myself.


What makes this a great hedge and screen is that the leaves are small and dark green touched with red when they are new and then darkening off


Can make a tight hedge.


Full Sun to semi shade


As they mature, the trunk/trunks will develop into graceful random features.


Small sweet scented white flowers in summer


Easily hedged in at any height from 1 metre through to 4-5 metres tall.


Fast growing.


Frost hardy to minus 5


Tolerates shade well but will flower more profusely in full sun.


Will grow in most soil types as long as they have good drainage. Add 10 to 15cm of topsoil before planting to improve areas that have bad drainage.




Hedges well


A medium growing variety that has shiny dark green small foliage beautifully contrasted by their profuse flowers.

Plantinspirations Online Garden Plants Nursery works hard to try and ensure our notes on the variety/varieties listed are true and correct, but do not accept any responsibility for errors or misinformation that may have occurred either by my staff or me.   

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