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  • Leptospermum Lemon Scented x 1 Plants Tea Tree Native Flowering Tall Shrubs Hardy Bird Attracting Garden Hedge Screening petersonii

Leptospermum Lemon Scented x 1 Plants Tea Tree Native Flowering Tall Shrubs Hardy Bird Attracting Garden Hedge Screening petersonii

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You will receive 1 plants of Leptospermum Lemon Scented Tea Tree. Hardy Native Tall shrubs/Small trees White Flowering Plants petersonii Bird attracting

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Western Australia, Tasmania or Northern Territory

The plants you will receive in this listing will be 12-20cm tall, will be in individual 40x80mm or 50x80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Lemon Scented Tea Tree x 1

Leptospermum petersonii

Called 'tea trees', even though many leptospermum do not actually become tea trees.

Fast growing, hardy, small, rounded, native trees.

Red/copper/bronze tinged new foliage.


Quite resistant to very wet and very dry areas once

Suitable for coastal and inland gardens.

Wonderful citrus scented leaves that are also used to produce essential oils.


Great street trees, screening and informal hedging plants.

Can be regularly trimmed and trained into shape or kept as a flowering native border.

Drought hardy once established.

Mild frost resistance.


Also grows in coastal areas.

Great for floral arrangements.

Uses include mass landscaping, borders, embankments and many other places inside your garden.

Contrasts well amongst other varieties.

Beautiful five-petalled, 12-20mm wide white flowers, occasionally tinged pink.

Flowers in Spring and Summer, with sporadic flowers at other times.

Height: Approx 3-5 metres.
Width Approx 1.5 metres.


Wikipedia states:

The essential oil from L. petersonii inhibits the pathological fungi Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus.[8]

Plantinspirations Online Garden Plants Nursery works hard to try and ensure our notes on the variety/varieties listed are true and correct, but do not accept any responsibility for errors or misinformation that may have occurred either by my staff or me.

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CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons cropped to size.
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