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  • Magnolia Little Gem x 1 Plants Dwarf Southern Bull Bay White Flowering Evergreen Hedge Hardy grandiflora

Magnolia Little Gem x 1 Plants Dwarf Southern Bull Bay White Flowering Evergreen Hedge Hardy grandiflora

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  • $12.45

  • 5 or more $11.45

Dwarf Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem Fragrant flowering plants

You will receive 1 plants of

Dwarf Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem White Flowering Plants

$1.00 of per plant if you buy 5 or more.

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania
The plants you will receive will be well established in 75x100mm round pots, will have have good roots, will be 15-25cm tall and will be ready to plant into your garden. 

Dwarf Southern Magnolia,
Dwarf Bull Bay Magnolia

Little Gem Magolia Plant/Cultivation Notes

Magnificent evergreen flowering shrubs to small trees that have large multi toned deep green glossed leaves with a rich tan/light brown colouring underneath.

Smaller evergreen trees with large white scented flowers that reach 15 to 30cm across and have between 6 to 12 petals in spring to summer.

Will start flowering around 3 years after planting.

Grandiflora means large flower.

Grown widely around the world

Grows to around 4 metres tall when mature. 
Can be cut back to below a metre and they will regrow.
Feed and water well after cutting.

Wonderful formal or informal screening/hedging plants.

Keep out of hot afternoon sun and wind in the hot months of the year to avoid some of the leaves being burnt.

Beautiful feature trees, scattered plantings, tubs, containers, pot plants, rows etc.

In the really dry times water them deeply once a fortnight.

Frost tolerant

 Tolerates coastal plantings as long as salt spray is not to heavy.

Deer resistant.

Will grow in a wide range of soils

Their flower's exquisite perfume fills the air for many of the warmer months.

Will also grow well in large pots as ornamentals for patio, balcony, verandah, courtyard and screening plants


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