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  • Magnolia Lady Of The Night  x 1 Plants Hedging Scented Flowering Michelia figo Magnolias Hedge Cottage Garden Shrubs

Magnolia Lady Of The Night x 1 Plants Hedging Scented Flowering Michelia figo Magnolias Hedge Cottage Garden Shrubs

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Scented flowering Magnolia Lady Of The Night Plants. Hedging Michelia figo Magnolias. Pink Cream flowers.

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Western Australia, Tasmania or Northern Territory

Each plant will be in its own 50x70mm pot and will have established roots, will be 10-15cm tall and will be ready to plant into the garden or if  you want you can plant them into a larger pots. 

Lady Of The Night Magnolia

Michelia figo 

 Evergreen and compact.

Beautiful, deeply scented flowering plants that make magnificent hedges, borders etc.

The magenta edged cream flowers appear from September to the end of November.
They flower on old wood which also makes them great as a fragrant, flowering hedge or topiary specimens as you don t have to worry about cutting off flower buds when you trim back new growth as the buds are on the old wood.   
Their flower fragrance has been compared to bananas or Juicy Fruit bubble gum, which is strongest late afternoon to early evening. 
 Native to Western China.   
Plant them in a sunny to partly shaded, well drained warm position, sheltered from strong wind.    
Quite Frost resistant.
They will grow to a height of 2-3 metres when mature, but can be maintained from a height of 50-60 centimetres onwards. 
Can also be trained as a single stemmed tree or espaliered agains a fence etc.
The clearly defined foliage of these plants makes them hardy and worth while garden additions. 
Hardy once established, low maintenance, adaptable in containers (where they will grow for years) or garden plantings. 
They also add long lasting colour and form to flower arrangements.

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